Nick Orr & the Spectrum

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Nick Orr and the Spectrum is a rock group that plays rock and roll with such passion and enthusiasm you'd never know they're in their teens and early 20's. The group features Nick on lead vocals and drums, Kyle Zindman (aka Dr. Slide) on guitar and bass and Sebastian Silva on bass, guitar and vocals. The 'spectrum' also includes a number of very talented musicians who vary at each gig. The band plays many different styles of music ranging from Led Zeppelin (their specialty) to Janis Joplin to today's sounds like Bruno Mars and the Black Keys. They write excellent original songs which you can find here and on our social media.

The band took their unique name from the fact that Nick is on the Autism spectrum. The goal is to raise Autism awareness throughout the community and show everyone that having a learning disability does not mean that you cannot excel and succeed in life.

BIG NEWS! Please welcome the newest member of The Spectrum, Sebastian Silva. This very talented young man will share guitar and bass duties with Dr. Slide while helping Nick out on vocals.

'My boyfriend and I were introduced to this band by friends of ours and absolutely love them!' - Facebook post 2/24
'Awesome band! Great Zeppelin experience!' - Facebook post 3/3
'Great band to watch and listen to. I gave my Fender Stratocaster to Kyle Zindman at the Fish Depot to play and enjoy. I know he appreciates it.' - Bill D. Facebook post 1/11/20
'One of the greatest rock band in South Florida ... no kidding!' - Roger T. Facebook post 1/24/20